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Event: Tribute Screening of 'Daisies' by Věra Chytilová on Sunday 13th April

On 12th March 2014 the finest woman to emerge from the short-lived 1960s Czech New Wave of Cinema died. Věra Chytilová wasn't a name tripping off the tongues of those that throng through the doors of multiplexes, but she was a damn good director, and way ahead of her time.

The pinnacle of her achievements in my book is the playful, funny and deeply loveable Daisies. I reviewed it about two years ago and wrote:
"Chytilová's technique is to throw every cinematic technique at the wall and see what sticks.  The film stock changes within scenes, coloured tints take over the screen at random, during strong motion motion the colours separate out in an acid-tinged rainbow.   At times the film itself seems to be tearing itself apart in the astonishingly beautiful train sequence, and the mindboggling cut-up sequence where the girls first 'cut' each others bodies apart, and then cut apart the very film itself."
I mean c'mon, look at this stuff:

It's not like you get many chances to see whacked out, super-fun 60s Czech films in a cinema as lovely as the Hackney Picturehouse is it?  

If you have any interest in feminism in cinema, film as art or just having a kickin' time with an obscure film that you can impress your friends by knowing about - down to the Hackney Picturehouse next Sunday night!  You won't regret it.
The Czech Centre, Dazed & Confused, Picturehouse and Second Run DVD present a double bill of Vera Chytilová’s anarchic and wildly satirical masterpiece and Martin Šulík’s documentary portrait Věra Chytilová from the Golden Sixties series in tribute to director Věra Chytilová (2 February 1929 – 12 March 2014), pioneer of the Czech New Wave. Introduced by Dazed & Confused film critic Carmen Gray.
Date: 13 April 2014, 6 pmVenue: Hackney Picturehouse, 270 Mare St, London E8 1HE

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