Monday, October 13, 2014

'Queen & Country' (2014) directed by John Boorman [LFF 2014]

"Realising you’re about to watch a new movie by the director of Point Blank, Deliverance and Zardoz is an odd experience. In his 81st year, we find John Boorman in a reflective mood, gazing into his own past and trying to assemble fragmented memories into a coherent whole. The result is Queen & Country, a loose sequel to his award-winning 1987 classic Hope & Glory.

That film followed Bill, a fictionalised childhood analogue of Boorman, through the chaos of London Blitz. Queen & Country picks up his story a decade later in 1951. Bill (Callum Turner) has just turned 18, making him eligible to be conscripted for two years of national service. Though just six years since VE Day, the mood in the country has shifted; the vague rumblings from Korea feeling inconsequential in comparison to the previous threat of wartime bombardment."


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