Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Cerebellum Fundraiser

Just a quick post to promote my friend Charlotte CHW's Cerebellum fundraiser:
"Cerebellum consists of exciting and varied live art events set within immersive micro exhibitions with free accompanying workshops for local London and South East communities, where possible, outside the confines of traditional White Cube spaces.

Cerebellum was formed by myself, Charlotte CHW in 2014 out of a perceived lack of truly “cutting edge” live art events around London and, then the South East, with a special focus on collaborative work. I also wanted to create an environment for networking between emerging and more established artists with the hope of fostering collaborations and knowledge and skill sharing. Finally, I wanted to encourage cross-fertilisation and not suspicion or competition between artists in London and the South East and give artists an opportunity to experience each others's work.

We aim to financially support work that amongst other qualities is: NEW, cross-disciplinary, innovative experimental, risk-taking process-based, original, overlooked, personal/ universal, socially engaged and participatory.

This year Cerebellum has 2 mini tours between London and the South East planned with around 40 emerging and established artists involved. These will take place in August and November 2016."
I've written about previous Cerebellums here and here. The world needs more nights where people smash stuff in the back rooms of pubs, or cut themselves open to make a statement about, I dunno, capitalism or something! 
So if you've got a couple of quid knocking around - donate!

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